Community Pathways

Community Pathways is offered at both the Raleigh and Henderson sites and consists of two facility-based programs with different funding sources:

Adult Day Vocational Program (ADVP) and Day Supports (NC Innovations funded)

Community Pathways offers supports to enhance and develop skill sets such as:

  • Social skills
  • Industry accepted work habits
  • Marketable job skills
  • Independence in work duties
  • Following work environment rules (i.e. using a time card, returning from breaks on-time)
  • improve self-help skills
  • increase independent living skills

The types of activities available during any given week through the Community Pathways program may include:

  • On-site production work
  • Volunteer work
  • Job Tours
  • Recreational activities in the community
  • "Live Healthy, Work Healthy" program
  • Self-Determination training
  • Travel Training- CAT bus system and tier 2 services (Raleigh only)
  • Retail and Customer Service training through our in house Pirate’s Cove Cantina (Raleigh only)
  • Janitorial training for knowledge and skills need to work in the service industry (Raleigh only)
  • Life classes to enhance participant knowledge on day to day living (Raleigh only)
  • Green Team knowledge and skills to grow their own food and learn way to reduce their carbon footprints by reducing, reusing, and recycling (Raleigh only)
  • Artful Pathways program creating handmade items for sale online and locally (Raleigh only)

We are committed to promoting an environment in which individual choice,
self-sufficiency, respect for cultural diversity, and a true sense of belonging are hallmark