Green Team

The Green Team is dedicated to expanding the skill set of CWS’s staff and participants by raising awareness regarding their impact on the environment in the home, workplace, and the outside environment. The Team creates opportunities for all involved to learn ways to reduce their carbon footprint by conserving resources, recycling, and gardening.

Green Team Accomplishments

  • Expose participants to new skills and training opportunities (i.e. recycling, gardening, composting)
  • Spearheaded a partnership with Progress Energy to retrofit lighting fixtures, reducing energy consumption
  • Obtained a Wake County Solid Waste Management Grant focused on recycling efforts and reducing consumption
  • Developed a gardening program and provided plants/supplies for gardens at three sites, including Gateway Clubhouse
  • Initiated composting and vermiposting programs with the support of Wake County Solid Waste Management
  • Hold an annual Green Fest to educate participants, family members, referral sources, CWS staff and the community on how choices made affect the body, environment and all of those around.
  • Developed “Lunch and Learns” to educate staff and persons served on recycling, healthy eating, and benefits of essential oils.Implemented several Pedometer Challenges.

The Green Team is made up of CWS staff, Participants and Gateway Clubhouse members

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