Admissions Policy

The Agency may not arbitrarily or without cause, deny or restrict services to any person or engage in any form of adverse selection. Our Admissions Criteria is designed to assure fair and equal access to services.

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Strict measures are taken to protect your right of confidentiality and privacy. The Agency follows all applicable Federal, State and local laws, as well as the guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Participants will receive a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices, and we will discuss these and other confidentiality practices in the initial orientation to services

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Community Workforce Solutions, Inc. strives to provide an environment free of architectural, environmental, attitudinal, employment, and communication barriers. An annual Accessibility Study and Plan is completed to identify and remove barriers. The Agency further works toward removing barriers related to transportation and financial resources of the individual. We encourage feedback from consumers, families, and other stakeholders.

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Corporate Compliance

We are dedicated to providing services that conform to the highest standards of accountability for administrative, clinical, business, marketing and financial management services. As such, the agency has adopted a Corporate Compliance Program to assist in preventing and detecting of fraud, waste, abuse, fiscal mismanagement and misappropriation of funds.

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We are committed to promoting an environment in which individual choice,
self-sufficiency, respect for cultural diversity, and a true sense of belonging are hallmark