Community Workforce Solutions, Inc. training, job placement, and job coaching. Your opportunity for success.

As a private non-profit agency our programs and services support persons with disabilities or other barriers to employment with work and community integration. Community Workforce Solutions, Inc. believes that people with disabilities have the right to pursue productive and meaningful work and to be true participants in their communities. We trust in the people we support to make their own decisions about work and personal goals.

We feel that all people should have choices in the types of supports and activities available to them. We offer a full array of programs and services that support people at all stages in the development of their goals and in their pursuit of satisfying and productive lives. Knowledgeable and caring staff offers support to individuals in developing their own program of services, using a person-centered planning approach.

Services Offered:
  • Vocational Evaluation
  • Work Passages
  • On-Site Training to Improve Work Skills
  • Community Integration (ADVP and Day Supports)
  • Individual Supported Employment
  • Job Placement & Job Coaching
  • Clubhouse program for adults with brain injury

We are committed to promoting an environment in which individual choice,
self-sufficiency, respect for cultural diversity, and a true sense of belonging are hallmark