Your Rights

The Agency feels we have a basic responsibility to inform, protect, and promote the rights of all persons we work with and all people with disabilities. We have strict policies in which staff is to protect your rights. We do not allow any type of physical or psychological abuse including humiliation, fright, neglect, or financial or other exploitation. Unwarranted invasion of privacy or search and seizure are prohibited. The Agency does not allow restrictive interventions to be performed by staff either on-site or when services are being provided in the community, except in extreme emergency situations in which physical harm seems imminent. Staff is trained in positive interventions.

The Agency also supports self-advocacy and provides information and guidance if you need help to complain about an agency/professional worker, including contacting Disability Rights NC (toll-free 877-235-4210 or Local phone: 919-856-2195; website:

We hope to help you learn how to advocate for yourself. While working with us, you have the right to decide what services you need and to tell us your interests and needs. You are the person who guides your services and staff is to support your goals, if they are consistent with the services Community Workforce Solutions is able to provide. We may also help you contact other agencies if we are unable to provide a service for you. You also have the right to allow other people, such as family, to participate in planning services.

The agency has a Rights Committee which is made up of people who do not work for the agency. Any alleged rights violations and/or restrictive interventions are presented to the committee at a quarterly meeting. You may also contact the Rights Chairperson who is not an agency staff person at if you wish to report a rights violation.

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We are committed to promoting an environment in which individual choice,
self-sufficiency, respect for cultural diversity, and a true sense of belonging are hallmark