Vocational Evaluation

  • Why do you need one?
    • A vocational evaluation can help you identify interests and abilities, skills for employment, specific job goals, likelihood to return to previous job, education and training alternatives, appropriate accommodations, and more!
  • Types of Evaluations:
    • Vocational Testing: Assessment of interests, academics, and specific vocational skills to determine appropriate vocational and educational planning and direction.
    • Situational Assessment: 3-week assessment consisting of performing work tasks in a community site. Provides opportunity to explore work readiness, motivation, tolerances, etc. in a work setting.

Community Based Work Adjustment 

Community Based Work Adjustment is a program designed to help individuals improve their soft skills and behaviors for work. This program involves participation in a community based work experience for one to three months. During this training, an individual focuses on their specific goals and improves work habits to prepare for competitive employment.

Why is this program successful?

  • Individuals learn to develop job skills employers look for, such as:
    • Accepting supervision
    • Attendance and punctuality
    • Working cooperatively with others
    • Remaining focused on work tasks
    • Paying attention to detail and the quality of work
    • Consistent work pace
    • Following directions and asking questions
    • Balancing work and personal lives

How can the Community Based Work Adjustment program make a difference?

This program is designed to prepare individuals to enter/re-enter competitive employment by improving job skills in a real work environment. Individuals are able to gain recent work experience, professional references, and the confidence and skills to move forward with obtaining employment while being supported by a community based trainer.

We provide Comprehensive Evaluations

These evaluations include extensive assessment of interests, skills, abilities, work habits and behaviors. This service also includes testing and a situational assessment over a period of three weeks.

Please email info@nc-cws.org for more information, or call 919-231-3325 and ask for the Pre-Employment Service Manager.