Brain Injury Services

Getting Back to Work

Brain Injury Services creates communities where brain injury survivors are seen and acknowledged for their individual talents, strengths, and abilities as we increased awareness of brain injury related disabilities through advocacy, education, and collaboration. 


  • Gateway Clubhouse provides individuals with a brain injury the opportunity to participate in satisfying purposeful activities in a supportive community environment. With the support of Clubhouse staff, members engage in social, recreational, and work-oriented programs to use and develop practical and functional living skills. 
  • Gateway Community Support is a community based 1:1 program that supports veterans or other individuals that are privately referred, with a traumatic brain injury. The program assists the individual in finding natural support, resources, and activities in their community to empower them in social and community settings. 
  • Gateway to Work provides individuals with brain injuries the opportunity to engage in meaningful work and develop the skills needed to enter or re-enter competitive employment. Service components may include cognitive rehabilitation, career exploration and training, vocational counseling, case management and long-term vocational support. 

Client Testimonials

"I received my brain injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Gateway Clubhouse and the services like it have provided me an opportunity to be around other people with TBI. We can share what we are going through. I feel better about myself and I can help others."
- Cynthia
"I have a brain injury as a result of an assault. Services for people with brain injury are important and needed. Gateway Clubhouse services have helped me with my life and they are helping me to find a job. It is great that we are able to continue services during COVID, we are able to stay connected."
- Chris
“I have a brain injury due to a motorcycle accident. TBI programs like Gateway Clubhouse have given me an opportunity to get help. I get to see people and get out of my group home.”
- Timothy

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