Pathways Bridge Program

Bridging the gap between school & employment for young adults with disabilities.

To support recent high school graduates and young adults, ages 18-28, as they transition into post-secondary vocational environments.

Our vocationally based day program promotes autonomy in various areas, such as volunteer work, employment, recreation & leisure, social interactions, and activities of daily living through community integration. Our participants will partake in workplace readiness and etiquette preparation, community outings, health and wellness education, cooking activities, and recreational programming to help increase confidence, ease, and empower individuals to take an active role in their daily routines.

We strive to provide person-centered services and job exploration opportunities that incorporate the goals identified by participants and their families.

Vocationally Based Day Program

  • Workplace readiness & etiquette
  • Job development
  • Vocational hard & soft skill development
  • Volunteer work/opportunities
  • Self-advocacy

Independent Living Skills

  • Promote autonomy
  • Household chores/responsibilities
  • Health & wellness
  • Recreation & leisure
  • Community integration


  1. Between 18 & 28 years of age
  2. Independence in daily care
  3. Does not demonstrate harmful behaviors towards self/others


  • Part-time participation
    • 8am – 4pm, 3 days/week
  • Full-time participation
    • 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday


Contact CWS at 919-231-3325 for more information.

Client Testimonials

“I love the different activities we do.  I’ve learned skills that can help me get a job again”.  JH
- JH
“I like being with my friends, it makes me feel really good.  I love learning new things, like being more alert when we  practice safety drills”.
- LC
"I like to meet with my friends and exercise every day”
- LC

Help Build a Better Tomorrow

All donations are tax deductible and go towards CWS supporting individuals living with disabilities.