Pathways Day Program

Services for Adults

Providing individuals with daily support, this program is designed to create several “pathways” leading into the community. Individuals enrolled in this program strive to develop and enhance skills such as social skills, healthy workplace interactions, industry standard work habits, independence with work tasks, and following corporate expectations. Participants are encouraged to explore a variety of activities, such as:

  • volunteer
  • recreational activities
  • nutrition and wellness awareness programs
  • exercise programs
  • cooking classes
  • self-determination training

Client Testimonials

“I love the different activities we do.  I’ve learned skills that can help me get a job again”.  JH
- JH
“I like being with my friends, it makes me feel really good.  I love learning new things, like being more alert when we  practice safety drills”.
- LC
"I like to meet with my friends and exercise every day”
- LC

Help Build a Better Tomorrow

All donations are tax deductible and go towards CWS supporting individuals living with disabilities.