Vocational Services

Assistance with Work

Vocational Services have three programs that offer vocational support, including; evaluation, training, coaching and development for individuals seeking employment.  


  • Pre-employment Services offer multiple paths to assess interests, academics, skills, aptitudes, work habits and behaviors and soft skills. Pre-employment services can also work to assist individuals in reaching goals in order to successfully retain competitive employment. 
  • The Community Employment and Training Program assists through the entire employment process. Through job development and job coaching, the program staff assist job seekers with; developing skills needed for job seeking, the interview process, securing a position and managing job retention through on-the-job training. 
  • Basic Culinary Training allows students to participate in the culinary program with a certified CWS instructor to learn basic culinary skills to help them advance their careers in the food service industry. Upon completion of the basic culinary knowledge training program, students may be referred to our Community Employment and Training Program and continue to be supported by the CWS staff to find and remain in competitive employment. Certifications are currently being offered for the following programs: Serve Safe, START Kitchen Prep, START Server, and North Carolina Count On Me. 

Client Testimonials

“The time I spent with CWS was amazing. My vocational evaluation was handled very well, the three week work program was very helpful and it went so well I was hired by was the company I was at for those three weeks.”    
Enlighted me on everything. Really appreciate all you have done
It was a good experience. Enjoy going every day and talking with staff

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